Board of Directors

Michael Johnson


Why I'm involved with the SSFA?

I am here because I believe that all children should have access to safe and healthy outlets for physical activity

Kevin Richards


Why do you want to help Baltimore Youth?

The youth is our future! Helping them develop into better athletes will definitely help them develop into better citizens.

Image of Ivan Leshinsky, man wearing tie and jacket

Ivan Leshinsky


Why is sports-based youth development important to me?

I benefited a lot from organized sports and fitness growing up, now I can help make it happen for others. Sports and recreational opportunities are a big part of any vibrant community!

Mike Bailey


I gained my passion for athletics through high school wrestling at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. My experience in sports taught me a number of things including but not limited to  perseverance, discipline, teamwork and balance as a student athlete. I intend to support the SSFA in providing similar opportunities for youth in Baltimore to engage in sports and fitness where they’ll have worthwhile experiences that foster learning and positive outcomes.

Ashley Harper Cottrell

Board Member

Why do I want to help Baltimore Youth?

Healthy opportunities for families is important to me. By increasing available green safe space and healthy food options, we can provide more choices in activity and diet for parents and children.

Jake Bustad

Board Member

How can I use my expertise in service to the community?

Assistant Professor, Towson University, Program Coordinator  |  Sport Management

Serving on the SSFA Board provides an opportunity to engage directly with community partners in addressing issues related to health, physical activity, and sport and fitness, and to serve as a representative of Towson University in the Baltimore community

Sonia Eaddy

Board Member

About Me:

I love Southwest Baltimore!

Kyle Yost

Board Member

I work with the Alliance because...

As a sports medicine physician I am able to see the benefits sports has on the children today. I joined to help kids have the opportunity to get involved in sports. This way they can benefit socially and physically.

Kaitlyn Wernsing

Board Member

About Me:

Digital Marketing Manager, Blakeslee

Jessica Wildey

Board Member

What interests you about SSFA?

I have a huge appreciation for sports/fitness and what it does for people. For our youth, sports and fitness helps teach teamwork, self-respect, discipline, and confidence.
her photo.

Robert Buster Jr.

Board Member

Why do I work with the Alliance?

I want to assist in providing equal access to sports & fitness for inner city youth, especially the area of my church community.

Elizabeth Weber

Southwest Partnership Liaison

Why do you work with the Alliance?

Southwest Partnership is excited to support and partner with SSFA, because positive, healthy activities connected with healthy relationships are critical to improving life-long outcomes for our youth, and our communities in Southwest Baltimore.


Anthony Hudgins

Executive Director

Why do you believe in this mission?

Growing up, sports were an integral part of my community in Philadelphia.  Some of the first friendships developed were made through sporting activities.  I know firsthand how the availability of these types of programs and access to facilities can impact a community.  Now a resident of Southwest Baltimore with an established career in the field of sport and recreation, it feels great to play an active role in the change we’d like to see, bringing quality youth and adult sport and fitness programs to SW Baltimore.