Membership in the Alliance is available to individuals, groups and organizations, corporate partners, businesses and sponsors. Your membership in the Alliance helps sustain a complete community supported system and structure for sports, fitness and recreational opportunities benefitting children, youth and adults alike in southwest Baltimore. A Systems-Approach means working in dynamic and collaborative ways and creating complete pathways that bolster youth development and inspire us all with the promise of a better future.

The availability and easy access to sports, recreation and physical fitness activities are a large portion of any opportunity-rich environment where people can engage in sports and recreation to help create the life, they desire for themselves and their families. Becoming a member of the Alliance helps sustain the work of the Alliance, validates our vision of community support and instills a sense of community and neighborhood pride.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to Alliance equipment inventory/discounts on merchandise at the Alliance store
  • Reduced rate for meeting space
  • Notification regarding monthly Sports Roundtables
  • Complementary distribution of promotional material at the monthly Sports Roundtables
  • Collaboration opportunities with community leaders to make your voice heard
  • Your logo and link on the Alliance website
  • Complimentary Sowebo Landmark youth registrations

Annual Memberships Dues

  • Individual – $10
  • Business and Corporate Memberships/Sponsorships –
    • Bronze – $100
    • Silver – $250
    • Gold – $500 and up
  • Organization memberships based on annual budget
    • 100K or less in annual revenue – $75.00
    • Between $100K and $500K – $225.00
    • Between $500K and $1 Million – $450.00
    • More than $1 Million – $600.00

If you have reviewed the benefits and dues structure for the Southwest Sports and Fitness Alliance and are ready to become a member, simply click on Join Now below to begin the process for signing up. If you have any problems or questions with the registration, please contact Ivan Leshinsky by phone 443-386-0651 or e-mail

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