The Alliance utilizes sports and recreation as a strategy for youth development and supports youth centered activities and programs to create pathways to productive adulthood. We work with schools, other organizations, community associations, businesses and community members to ensure our neighborhoods have safe spaces for play and accessible and affordable programs for children and adults alike. As a driving force in southwest Baltimore we encourage residents:

  • To join the Alliance as board members, volunteers to lead or assist as coaches and support our work financially
  • To work with us to create opportunities for parents to become more involved in the lives of their children
  • To ensure that our children and youth encounter supportive people at every turn

What We Are Doing

  1. Organizing and engaging the people who are interested, invested and in support of sports and recreational activities in our communities, establishing an environment and forum for collaboration and support of sport opportunities and cognitive play development.
  2. Attracting funding and resources for our communities to increase sport and recreational opportunities in Southwest Baltimore while marketing and bringing awareness of healthy lifestyles and activities that engage children, youth and adults.
  3. Providing a framework for collaborative sport and recreational opportunities that create pathways for youth development and employment and engages adults through sports and education, professional development, workforce opportunities, and volunteer service.